About LandSystems

LandSystems is an independent GIS and mapping consultancy providing advice and expertise to an array of commercial clients.

The founders of LandSystems have been providing specialist land resource and GIS services for many years, primarily for projects with rural industry, local and central government. Through this work, they recognised the value of spatial information for assessing and reporting farm and local scale information and improving business efficiency.

They also saw that a great proportion of one-off information requests were from rural individuals and smaller businesses. Further research indicated that this support was difficult to get, with existing services being scarce and/or expensive. LandSystems aims to provide unique and cost-effective GIS solutions to fill this market gap.

After several years of concept and product development, LandSystems is ready to meet the needs of smaller businesses wanting access to GIS and spatial land information without the hassle or cost of going it alone. Collectively, the directors have over 30 years of relevant experience. LandSystems' structure has been designed to deliver very affordable, customised products and high-quality services.

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